Bushwhack Adventures, Inc.

Bushwhack Adventures' Registration Page

Registration for 2010 Bushwhack Adventures events is open as of 7/26/10.


See below for the Refund Policy or click the link.

Online Registration for 8 Hr Course Only

(24 Hr Teams Register Through Checkpoint Tracker)

Step 1: Send in your info

Download, fill out, and email the Individual Info Form for Online Registrants to info@GoBushwhack.com

Step 2: Pay online (8Hr Course only)



NOTE: Racers using race credits from volunteering or past wins should contact info@GoBushwhack.com for instructions.



Bushwhack Adventures' Refund Policy

Stuff happens. It's just part of the "adventure". Bushwhack's policy regarding refunds is to try to be fair.

Prior to 30 days before the event, you have the option of:

Within 30 days of the event, but more than 7 days prior to the event, you can receive 100% event credit (in race hours) towards a future Bushwhack event within the next year. No cash refunds within 30 days of the event.

Within 7 days of the event, you can receive 50% event credit (in race hours) towards a future Bushwhack event within the next year. Bushwhack must receive notification prior to the day of the event to exercise this option.

If you don't show up or don't make the race start, you have no options.

Registration Transfers

Entries can be transferred to another racer at any time prior to the start of the event. Team make-up is also flexible. If you've gone to the trouble of registering and made it to the event, we'll work with you however we can to make it possible to race.

Event Cancellation

Our mission is to make events happen. In the event that this is impossible, Bushwhack will offer 100% event credit (in race hours) to all registrants. Keep in mind that "weather" happens outdoors, where we like to play. That's just part of the "adventure" too. It would take extreme, life-endangering weather to cause the cancellation of an event. We will have alternate course plans ready in case weather endangers participants or facility resources.